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India is a vast country with a puzzle board of 28 states. Each state has its own different language. So, it is an essential part of our life to get knowledge and information on different places. There are many modes through which the information is conveyed. Out of them, the newspaper is the cheapest means to convey valuable information and advertisement to a huge mob of people. It is the easiest way to convey the socio-political knowledge to the common people.  In India, Hindi is the mother tongue of the whole nation. Moreover, Hindi is the language that is spoken in each and every corners of India. That is why; the Hindi newspaper is the most popular newspaper in India. Mostly, all the publishers used to publish newspaper, daily.  Rajasthan Tour

The "Rajasthan Patrika" is the top daily newspaper of Rajasthan. Mr.Karpoor Chandra, who is one of the renowned pioneering figures in the world of journalism, is the mastermind behind the inception of this Hindi newspaper, "Rajasthan Patrika". The first edition of this newspaper get started in the year 1956. Since then, the "Rajasthan Patrika" went on to stay in a leading edge of Rajasthani journalism. The main reason behind the success of the newspaper is that it has always jotted the real socio-political realities of the times. Also, the journalists are very aware of the needs of the common man. The "Rajasthan Patrika" has always reflected the real socio- political condition of the times.  You can find burning news in the front page of the "Rajasthan Patrika" during your Rajasthan tour. You can get information of every events going on in India through "Rajasthan Patrika" during your Rajasthan tour

The "Rajasthan Patrika" began to spread and extend its circulation throughout the entire state. During the Rajasthan tour, the travelers can acquire the burning news of India through the "Rajasthan Patrika". Keeping in view the popularity of the newspaper, the circulation of the newspaper was raised and soon it reaches to very far- flung areas of the state.  Soon, the subsequent editions of the "Rajasthan Patrika" for Kota, Bikaner, Bhilwara, Sriganganagar, Ajmer, and Surat were started. Also the Kota and the Bikaner edition were started in the year 1986 and 1987 respectively. Statistics reveals the success and popularity of the newspaper, which boasts of an enviable track record. The "Rajasthan Patrika" has been in the track of success, since time immortal. The "Rajasthan Patrika" has championed the attention of the common peoples due to many public causes. The key to its success and stature is because of the fearless reporting by the efficient reporters coupled with fair articles that are penned down by the editor. Due to its splendid quality, the edition of the "Rajasthan Patrika" got its popularity through out the various districts of Rajasthan

Now-a- days, with the advent of internet, the "Rajasthan Patrika" has their online editions. This has been more advantageous because it had enabled to frequently update the latest happening or the latest news. Such online editions of the newspaper have really infused new energy and life in the Indian newspapers. Peoples who cannot go through the newspaper in the early morning can simply get the information just by going through the online edition.
Also, during your Rajasthan travel, the "Rajasthan Patrika" provides you information on the recent happening going on in India.  Thus, the "Rajasthan Patrika" is simply the life line to the common peoples of Rajasthan.